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Jul 1, 2011 6:00am EDT
at a slumber party. michael brooks was killed when an 11-year-old boy was playing with a gun and accidently shot him. we are told the gun was kept in a locked room but aapparently the 11-year-old found the key. the funeral service will be held today at ten at the christ united methodist church on florida avenue in baltimore. >>> 7 minutes after 6 right now. the trial began for a locksmith accused of scamming customers out of hundreds of dollars. we have been following joe horton in a works for you investigation for about a year now. sim court order -- civil court order him to pay and the prosecution laid out the case yesterday with the woman claiming that horton forged her signature on a document. the defense called horton's girlfriend to the stand and she says the woman did sign the paper herself. after that, the judge approved the continuance in the trial. no word on when it will pick back up but we will be on it and let you know. >>> firefighters says a nuclear complex is scrambling to clear the bush away. >> it is stored a few miles from a monster blaze going through the surrounding for
Jul 18, 2011 6:00am EDT
-stage three day event to a multistage event. >>> rupert murdoch's media empire is being bought. rebecca brooks is free on bail after being held for 12 hours. >> have no knowledge of the extent of this disgraceful practice or the extent of it, and the repugnant nature. >> rebecca brock is the editor of the news of the world and held that most from 2000 to 2003 when much of the alleged criminal activity took place. she remains insistent that she knew nothing about any of it. >>> hundreds marched through istanbul protesting the am burchlt it happened last week. they waved turkish crowds as they sang the turkish national anthem. turkey has been fighting since the mid-1980s. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in india after visiting greessments she has vowed strong support for greece' economic plan and want to protect the cultural object frx stolen. >>> it was supposed to be a nice vacation from d.c. up to new york state, but a tour buss a crashed with a deadly ending. who investigators plan on interviewing sometime today. >>> i would never grab a woman's boobs. >> the hands-on approach one
Jul 19, 2011 6:00am EDT
the british parliament will question rupert murdock his son and rebecca brooks. murdock will appear before the committee to answer questions over the phone hacking at news international. that's his british newspaper division. the phone hacking scandal prompted the closure of his news of the world. now news corps journalist are accused of hacking phones and may have paid british police for scoops. >>> powerful monsoon rains turned deadly in india. look at this. the images can be upsetting. a family of five was enjoying an afternoon picnic on rocks and you can see them struggling. they held on for support for each other but the waters were too strong. all five were swept away over a water fall. only two survived. >>> he was neck name the thief of the faithful wait fog people too today retire to prayer and steal from their bags. security cameras captured his act at the airport. the 34-year-old from kosovo and thanks to the video, he is now behind bars this morning. >>> air traffic controllers are just part of the reason that you land safely when you are flying. >>> yeah, but safety is the ma
Jul 26, 2011 6:00am EDT
, they will their will be a special tribute to brooks robinson. construction started on a bronze statue depicting the orioles hall of famer throwing out a runner. it's located across from the northwest side of the camden yards. it will feature text about robinson and his career. the statue will be unveiled on october 22nd. >>> abc2 is working for you this morning. an important warning to keep you from being ripped off. pay $900 or your power is going to be shut off. that was a threat made to a woman from a fake bge employee. the elderly woman wants her story told and identity anonymous. she received a call from a so- called bge worker hoin sift she was several years delinquent on payments. then the woman-- worker who insisted she was several years delinquent on payments. and then the woman sent a man to the door. >> she wanted that $900. >> she shut door on him and went to a neighbor's house and called 911 abge spokeswoman says a employee would never ask forcash payment even if they were delinquent and the power could be turned off. >>> after thousands of participants were left without air conditioning during las
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4